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SERVICES: The Details 


The massage session is provided in an office/studio (not a residence) dedicated to massage in a central location in Green Valley area of Greensboro.

Massage sessions can be scheduled at various times late afternoons, early mornings, and selected day times. Always ask about the time.

Please send an e-mail message to inquire about available appointment times to

With prior arrangement, a visitor can request transportation from a hotel to the massage studio and be returned following the massage.


I provide a full body massage, although attention to specific needs always are addressed.

You maintain a level of dress with which you are comfortable.

The massage is therapeutic, thorough, and extensive.

I will massage the entire body head to toe, including scalp, face, hands, and feet.

I use a professional table and an orthopaedic body cushioning system. I also use a variety of bolsters, including a new larger, square orthopaedic model as well as the traditional round models.

You will enjoy a top-of-line face cradle, clean, luxurious linens, towels, and heated wash cloths. A small pillow is provided when you lay on your back.

I use Biotone dual-purpose massage creme that is is unscented, a smoothing oil for facial massage, specialized moisturizing lotions for your feet and a special hand creme if you wish. If you prefer, I can use only products that are unscented. I also incorporate heated bamboo into every session. A nebulizer (cold mist) is available for delivery of aromatherapy.


A typical massage session is about 2 hours. Other session lengths can be arranged although some areas might not be addressed as thoroughly as during a longer time. I honestly do not believe you will be disappointed.

Compensation for the 2 hour session is $120.

The 1.5 hour session is $100.

If you have a special need for only 1 hour, that amount is $80.

A gratuity is appreciated if you are able afford it.

I will ask you what time you need to depart, and I will continue the massage until you need to leave. I will not hold you longer than the time you need to leave. I usually run on time and hope that you will be able to arrive on time. If I am running behind, I will text you. I will do my best never to shortchange the massage time because I am interested in your well being. I want you to feel positive results from the session.

My first priority is to provide a therapeutic service to those in need. I will try to work out some kind of financial arrangement that is mutually agreeable for that situation.


Most clients prefer a 2 hour session. This places you for about an hour and a half or so laying on your front side (prone) and about 30 to 45 minutes laying on your back (supine). The time from your arrival to the conclusion of the massage and departure normally is going to be two hours. If you have an appointment or other obligation, please tell me the time you need to be driving away, and I will make sure you are on time.

CONTACT/FIRST APPOINTMENT: If you are interested, contact me as soon as it is convenient and suggest times. To set up an appointment, please send a note to Please include dates and times of availability. You can ask me any questions. I prefer to discuss your expectations prior to the appointment. I don't believe you will be disappointed in a massage session with me.

For a first-time massage, some apprehension is normal. I will explain everything to you and ask you periodically if you are comfortable on the table, with the massage technique, and with me personally. All you need to do is relax and enjoy.

PREPARING FOR THE MASSAGE: When you set up your first appointment, you may wish to download the form below, and either complete it and send as an attachment to the e-mail address below, or print a copy and bring it with you to your first massage session. Completing this form allows you to disclose any issues or concerns you might have and allows me to focus upon areas of pain and discomfort. As well, any other types of issues that might affect you during the massage can be addressed. ClientIntakeForm

If possible, shower, enjoy a steam room, or a nice bath before the session. If that is not possible, you can ask for cloths, soap, and towels for a clean-up in the bathroom before the session. Unfortunately, I do not have a shower available. You will not need a shower after the massage because the products I use will not make you feel greasy or oily. I have heated, wet wash cloths and drying towels for use after the massage to remove any residue.

Allow for a little extra time to allow for heavy traffic and finding the location. The directions I will send are very specific, and even if you have a GPS, you need to write down or copy them to find the most convenient parking lot and entrance door. Avoid planning for another engagement immediately after the massage session.

OTHER: I do not discriminate as to gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, educational background, or orientation. Likewise, neither physical characteristics nor age matter to me. My preference is to work reliable and dependable clients who schedule sessions on a more or less regular basis.

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