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About Me . . .

  • Easy going, pleasant, well spoken, communicative

  • Detail oriented, thorough, and dependable

  • Well educated and experienced

  • Sensitive to your needs

  • 100% confidential

  • White male

  • 6' and a strong 200#

  • Dark hair and eyes

  • Age: mature, feel and act 25!

  • Photos available upon request

  • Suggest appointment times according to your availability.

  • More detailed information is available upon request.

  • I am non-smoking, never smoked, never have used drugs, don't drink.

  • Practice exceptional personal hygiene

  • Detailed, specific driving directions to my location provided

  • If traveling to pick you up, I will need your street address/hotel location after making an appointment.

  • I request your phone number for contact just in case problems arise.

  • My phone number will be made available to you after first contact if you wish.

  • Please note any particular issues in advance. 

More About Massage and My Approach

Massage is one of the simplest and most profound forms of healing. Infants thrive on being held and touched. In fact, a healthy baby must be held and touched to be content and secure. Adults likewise benefit physically, mentally, and spiritually from the joy and pleasure of nurturing touch through massage.

The health community has recognized the value of massage in treating a broad range of conditions including back pain, tension headaches, sleep problems, arthritis, elevated blood pressure and glucose levels, edema, and even depression. Massage works by increasing blood circulation into the soft tissues, helping them to heal through an increase of oxygen and nutrients. Therapeutic touch also improves the elimination of toxins and waste products from the muscles.

Massage has been has been shown to boost immune functions by increasing the number of natural killer cells in the body. More importantly, massage helps to reduce stress and tension, thereby promoting a relaxed and open sense of wholeness and well-being.

Much of the healing that takes place in touch exists within very simple levels. Simple, nurturing touch is very important. Touch that enhances relaxed breathing and the feeling of closeness can allow a feeling of personal comfort and self acceptance. Simply accepting the idea of the focus being entirely upon yourself though the nurturing, intimate touch and pampering is an integral component of a full body massage session.

A full-body massage session with me centers upon a nurturing Swedish/Esalen-style, including deep tissue, trigger point, and neuromuscular therapeutic stimulation. Stretching and other specialized techniques to help relieve upper and lower back pain, headaches, pain and soreness in legs, and tired, stressed feet are applied as needed.

Only an organic, unscented specialty creme (Biotone dual purpose massage creme) is used for the massage. Specialized top-of-the-line products are used to moisturize and fortify your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. A non-oily smoothing agent can be used for facial massage.

As you might suspect, this is not a standard, strictly-timed clinical treatment. This is a thorough and complete massage that will leave you feeling nurtured from head to toe.

I sincerely believe pleasurable touch within a total body massage experience can be profound in terms of healing and sense of personal well being. Many have complimented me by saying, "That's the most unbelievable massage I've ever had!" They look forward to the next session with eagerness, and so do I.

I appreciate confidential referrals, and in fact, this is how I have built my client base.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

You need not worry about being uncomfortable or nervous.

Some anxiety for a first time massage experience is normal.

If you have experienced other timed massages you can expect a session

that is totally different and wonderful!

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